15 Great Ways to Make Extra Money From Home in 2017

15 Great Ways to Make Money From Home

1. Start a Successful Blog

Starting a blog is my #1 recommendation on how to start making money online.  Blogging is how I supplement my income and I know several successful bloggers who are making over $100,000 a month by blogging.

I have create a guide on how to create you own blog.  You can create your blog for as low as $3.95/month, including a free domain name, by signing up through my tutorial.

You can make money on your blog by doing online advertising, affiliate marketing, or selling products through your site.

2. Sell Products on Amazon

Sell on Amazon FBA to Make More Cash

Selling products on Amazon can be a great way to generate extra income. Find a product to sell and you can quickly and easily have it listed on the largest online marketplace in the world.

You can even send your product to an Amazon Fulfillment Center and have them package and ship your item for product for you. This also enables Amazon Prime customers to receive free 2-day shipping on your products.

It doesn’t get much easier than that.

Learn how to get started selling product on Amazon.

3. Flip Items on Ebay and other Apps

Sell on Ebay to generate income online
Sell on Ebay to generate income online

There are a ton of ways to find items to try to resell. Garage sales, estate sales, thrift stores, Craigslist, Ebay, apps like OfferUp. Download the Ebay app and look up what similar items you find are selling for and if there are bids.  I recommend checking out Gary Vaynerchuk’s video on his flipping challenge.

4. Become a Freelancer

Offer your skills and services online on sites like Upwork and generate additional income.  You can offer your services for a lower price to build your reputation, then start charging more as you get more positive feedback.

On the flip side, websites like Fiverr are great places to get inexpensive graphic design work for your blog, video editing, and other business services. My logo was designed by a graphic artist I found on Fiverr!

5. Create an Online Course

Creating an educational course on a site such as Udemy allows you to not only share your knowledge with others, but allows you to make money doing so!  You can even take a course on how to create online courses!

6. Become a Tutor

Want to make money and have an impact on someone’s life at the same time?  Become a tutor on Chegg Tutor!  Help students on subjects like English, Spanish, math, programming, and more. With payments starting at $20/hour, this can be a great side hustle to help you achieve your goals.

Learn more about becoming a tutor on Chegg.

7. Take Surveys Online

Get paid to take surveys online with Swagbucks or Ipsos i-Say.  One of the easiest ways to make some spare cash in your free time. Swagbucks also has programs where you can get paid to find deals online and watching videos online.

Ipsos is a popular polling site that you may have heard about during the presidential election.

8. Write an eBook

Writing an eBook and listing it on Amazon can turn into a revenue stream that can continue to make you money for years and years.  Taking the time to write a quality eBook about a topic you are knowledgable on can not only make you money, but also establish you as a thought leader in your field.

9. Test Websites for Money

Ever been on a website that is just terrible to navigate or try a new app only to find it frustrating to use?  You can help stop bad design by becoming a website and usability tester.

Services such as Userfeel and UserTesting are two sites were you can sign up and get paid to test websites.  Best part is, all you need is your computer and a microphone to get started.

10. Rent Out a Room on AirBnB

Renting out a room through home-sharing applications like AirBnB can be a great way to generate cash from your home. This is especially true if you live in a destination city.

I’ve had nothing but great experiences on AirBnB, but it is always a good idea to read about other hosts’ experience.  AirBnB offers reviews for both guests and hosts and also provides insurance to hosts against damages that hosts may incur from guests.

11. Create an Online Store

It’s easier than ever to start an online store to sell products.  Sites like Shopify and Etsy are great for you to start selling your own products or crafts online.

Finding a great product to sell can be challenging, but once you find something great, you can make some serious money by selling online through Shopify and Etsy.

You can start selling on Shopify for free for 14 days and get your store up and running.

12. Earn Money While You Shop Online

How great would it be to earn money for shopping at retailers you already shop at? Websites like Swagbucks make this possible!  Swagbucks pay you to shop online at top retailers. You generate points for shopping and can exchange those points for cash or gift cards at top retailers.

Swagbucks also has other ways to earn money like using their search engine, watching videos, playing games, and more!

13. Make Money on Youtube

Creating a Youtube channel and monetizing can generate a nice passive income stream.

Whether your videos are educational, humorous, or even just videos of your pets, you never know if one of your videos might go viral.

However, it does take a good amount of effort to create quality videos and build your subscriber base.

Having a quality camera and microphone definitely helps, but with the high-quality cameras in today’s smart phones you should.

14. Sell Your Photos

Have amazing pictures that you would like to sell to people?  Sell your photos on Shutterstock and 500px and create a passive income stream by selling your photos online.

Shutterstock has a pricing model where the more lifetime sales you have the greater your commission.  The more photos you sell the better your payout.  Learn more about their payout structure.

15. Invest Money on Peer Lending Sites

Investing your money on peer lending sites like Lending Club can be a great way to generate a nice return on your money and receive passive income monthly. I’ve had great results on Lending Club, making a 12% return on money. The best part is that you can get started with as little as $25.

However, there are risks when investing on Lending Club.  You are making loans to people you’ve never met, so there is a risk that the borrower could default on the loan.

Additionally, Lending Club only issues 3 and 6 year loans, so it’ll take at least 3 years to receive all of your initial investment back.

That being said, Lending Club is a viable way to create a passive income stream.


    • Thanks, Preston! I know several people who have invested in properties here that rent them out on AirBnb and they have great success. If you end up doing it, let me know how it goes!

    • I actually mention freelancing as #4 on the list. I mentioned that Fivver and Upwork are good places to freelance. I hadn’t heard of PeoplePerHour, though. Thanks for sharing, Muhammad.


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